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$10,000 Saving Box

$10,000 Saving Box

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Save $10,000 in just 8 months!

💸Place in a certain amount each day

🚗Finally get that thing you've been wanting

📈Progressively get closer to you goal

🫰Easy solution for impulsive spending

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Drop in some dimes, hit ten grand in no time!

Reach your goal of $10,000 in just 8 months!

What Saving Box Does

Quick Goal

Once you consistently put money in every day for 8 months, you reach $10,000!

Finally get that one thing

Have you been wanting a new car? Or maybe you've been wanting to go on a vacation. Either way, the savings box allows you to get that one thing in a short period of time.

Satisfying Design

Nothings more satisfying than finally opening that $10,000!

The Perfect Gift

This box makes you financially disciplined, a very good habit to have.

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What do I get?

1x Savings Box

1x Marker